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Hello there!

Welcome~! Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks) by Jerikuto

DID YOU KNOW~~ if we invited you and your artwork, please submit your own in the future. ^^

Please scroll to the end and read about groups if you're new to the groups system.


This is a group for videos, effects and motions for MMD, with the aim of having resources available for editors and so we can enjoy each others' work.

Which folder should I put it in?
:bulletred: [Motion or Cam DL - dance or song], [Motion or Cam DL - memes], [Motion or Cam DL - other] - all of these are more to advertise motions or cams that you've created YOURSELF, and thus making it easier for others to find. (exception: if you've done a deviation or journal which serves as a reference to motions done by others i.e. a long list, then can put in here too).
:bulletyellow: [Effects DL] - if you've created a deviation which lists or showcases effects, put it in here. Appropriate if the primary reason for the deviation is the effect, whether you've created the effect yourself or not.
:bulletgreen: [Videos - tutorial or process] - if you've created a video about a tutorial, or the process you use to create videos, put it in here. More for video-editing than model-making, since we're a group focused on Videos.
:bulletblue: [Videos - Dance or Song], [Videos - Drama or Story], [Videos - memes or other] - this is for deviations where you've uploaded a video, or it links to a video. I imagine these would be the most common folders, but use only if the folders listed above aren't appropriate.
Thanks, and enjoy! ;)

:star:ETIQUETTE: make sure you credit/link to your sources (i.e. model, stage, music, etc.). If your video is actually hosted on deviantART, it shouldn't have copyrighted music in it. :star:

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Click the 'join this group' button to become a member to submit your art. Or join even if you don't have art to submit. Everyone is welcome here. ^^
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Select the correct folder. Anything in 'motions' must be downloadable.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre We only accept Video Links, Video Effects, and Motion Data.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Do not submit any models, model parts, still pictures, stages or pose data. (You may submit your model IF your description has a link to a video. It's considered a 'video', so submit to that folder. )
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre No WIPs.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre We don't accept tutorials in the gallery (unless they're video tutorials), but we do have a tutorials journal (see link below), so please comment and link there.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre We affiliate with MMD groups only.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Any character is fine, as long as MMD was used. In other words, not only Vocaloid videos.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Please be civil to each other! (most people are, but we're making this a rule to stomp out those who aren't xD)

:bulletpink: Dance Motions - English
:bulletpink: Dance Motions - Japanese, Korean, other
:bulletpink: Meme or other Motions
:bulletpink: Skin Effects
:bulletpink: Special Effects

:bulletpink: MMD Tutorials list (for all aspects!)
:bulletpink: MMD Groups List for all types of MMD groups!

Groups are a way for you to expose your artwork to more people. When you submit art to a group, the thumbnail will appear in members' inboxes. And the thumbnail links directly back to your own deviation.

Note that people do find their inbox is crowded, so don't be discouraged if you don't get more hits - just make your thumbnail prettier and join more groups. ;)

:bulletpink: To find new groups to join-

deviantART's groups search is here - Groups

Type keywords, and search

use the links on the left to filter results - the most useful is to select the larger clubs, such as 100-1000 (because more members = more views)

Visit the group, and click the 'join this group'. MOST groups will have auto-accept, so just refresh the page after you join, and you should be a member.

:bulletred: ONCE YOU ARE A MEMBER (and you're a member in MMD-videos now)

go to the main group page e.g. MMD-Videos

Click the part that says 'submit art'.

Now, if it works, you will see the gallery, and a window will pop up with your deviations. (if it doesn't work, you will just see the gallery - click the 'contribute to this gallery' button on top right)

Select your piece that you want to submit to the group. AND there is a drop-down menu at top center that shows the folders.

Press the green 'submit' button bottom center.

Note that you can select multiple pieces at once by holding 'shift' key. ONLY do this if all the pieces will be submitted to the same folder.


:iconmmdlovers: MMDLovers Are you CRAZY about MMD?! :iconimtommdc: IMTOMMDC I Miss the Old MMD Community :iconmmd-desu: MMD-Desu Keep the Fun in MMD, Desu ~ :iconmmd-materials: MMD-materials Everyone is welcome! :D :iconmmd-request-center: MMD-Request-center :iconmmd-tda-market: MMD-TDA-Market :iconmmd-mikumikudance: MMD-MikuMikuDance MIKUMIKUDANCE RULES :iconmmd-fetish: MMD-Fetish What's your obsession? :iconmmd-madness: MMD-Madness THE MADNESS HAS NO END

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Some videos inspire us to explore more options in MMD -

:bulletpurple: The potty don't start till Meeks walks in
They even animated the handle. :o

:bulletpurple: rEI.
A truly artistic video about the Neon Genesis character, and the creator loves putting extra touches in their vids.

Remember to check out these creators' other videos!

Please, if you know of a video that someone's done, comment below to a link and why you think it's awesome! ^0^



:bulletpurple: Arrow MMD…
love the stage and the sparkly Gumi - I think it works well! (might not have required as much input from the editor, but the stage shows the possibilities)

:bulletpurple: Arrow MMD - PV…
I love the concept, and the choice of models. Didn't borrow anything from the source PV since it's... just a purple line. :|
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